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At Bow & Arrow we believe in paying it forward, giving back to the community, and empowering and inspiring stylists. Good relationships are built here, conversations are meaningful, and creativity flows. Bow & Arrow Education offers classes that empower, inspire, and support great stylists and innovators. 

We'd love to see you at one of our classes!

Kellyn offers one-on-one's in salon, shadow opportunities in salon, group hands-on or demo in salon and at host salons, and hands-on or demo travel classes available around the country.


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Upcoming Classes

Color + Balance @ The Desert Lounge Salon 

St. George, Utah

March 19  

Demo only and hands-on option for our hair class featuring balayage, reverse balayage, and vivids. Learn how to train your eye for balance, no matter what color you are doing!

taught by @audryinskeep and @kellyn.bowandarrow

Balayage Next Steps @ In Boston Hair Salon

Portsmouth, NH

Monday, March 26 

Balayage at a intermediate/advanced level. This class is for stylists that want to learn advance techniques on converting a foil, reverse balayage, adding depth back through over-lightened hair, color melting, and root smudge. We will go over the importance of consultation, prepping your canvas, and training your eye for balance.


Creative Color & Boho Hairstyling @ Bow & Arrow

Boston, MA 

Monday, April 9

Demo collab class full of tips and tricks  on all things from creative color and boho styling. Kellyn will be teaching all about color creativity and will walk you through applying depth to achieve versatile and wearable vivids. Torie will be teaching how to achieve boho braids and effortless updos.